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Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) 
taps into the wonder and curio
sity of youth to seek adventure and learn naturally.
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Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) serves children ages 9 -14 in the Greater New Bedford area. Whether children are cooking meals using ingredients entirely new for them, gaining hands-on instruction in bike maintenance, or exploring local neighborhoods that they have never visited, we offer a safe and supportive environment that encourages all of our students to open their minds, follow their natural curiosity, and realize their full potential!


Bike Maintenance & Repair Shop

This engaging experience introduces the basics of bicycle maintenance and repair, developing youth's life skills and confidence. Participants are taught by a trained bicycle mechanic and use modern equipment and tools, designed especially for working on bikes. Students build bikes from the frame up, leaving Y.O.U. ready to ride safely.

April-June, October-December

Community Bike Shop

This community bike shop introduces youth to the hands-on skills needed to ride their bikes safely while providing work experience, and mentoring through apprenticeship. Participants and local youth gain hands-on experience working with professional tools, practicing techniques to problem solve on-the-go, and keep their bikes in working order. Located at 195 West Rodney French Blvd on West Beach in the South End of New Bedford, walk-ins and appointments are welcomed.

April-November, Saturdays only

Spring/Fall Urban Explorer

Ride to exciting locations and explore! We visit local parks, beaches, bike paths, and historic places. We play outdoor games old and new, like "bowling-on-the-green”! Explore and grow in our garden. Kids' natural curiosities lead this program and every ride is full of surprising discoveries.

April-June, September–December
Winter Indoor Discoveries (W.I.N.D.) Program
WIND programs offer unique opportunities to discover new skills and explore lifelong interests, with an intensive focus on the integration of STEAM. From LEGO Robotics  and bee-keeping to carpentry and candle-making, WIND will make exploration fun and relevant.
Explore Your Environment
EYE connects youth to their everyday surroundings by bicycle. As we bike around the south end peninsula, stopping to explore many exciting local sites, highly qualified instructors ensure that every opportunity is captured for "learning in context." Kids' input guides our adventures. E.Y.E. is always full of swimming, sports, and unforgettable experiences on weekly field trips.
Read & Ride
Summer reading has never been cooler! Launched in 2017, this approach to continued summer learning is a fun way for youth to complete their summer reading assignments outdoors. With the company of others and intermittent breaks to go riding, we’re able to create opportunities for fun experiential learning.
Food for Thought
Through hands-on workshops, kids acquire cooking skills, and an appreciation of healthy foods with the guidance of talented local chefs and community members. Every recipe can be replicated at home and is an opportunity for discovery. As we explore new recipes, children learn about the journey of food from soil to plate. By the end of the program, children will have the confidence and ability necessary to prepare healthy snacks and meals whenever they want!
Victory Park Children's Community Garden
Our garden is a place where we can stop in to grab ready-to-eat snacks while on an adventure. Every program (even in winter) gets some exposure to horticulture. Youth forge many connections: with the rhythms of nature, their home culture, academic lessons, and personal health. Tasting the rewards of local agriculture is an experience that makes quite an impression on just about every participant!

Field Trips

In collaboration with local schools, community partners and homeschool families, we’re able to offer on-site field trips in and around Victory Park throughout the school year. Our field trips and academic half-day experiences are filled with hands-on discovery learning and scientific explorations designed to support what the students are learning in their classroom studies.

Adventure Trips
Several times a year, Y.O.U. leads Adventure Trips to exciting venues for Greater New Bedford youth. Some popular destinations include Martha’s Vineyard, Cuttyhunk Island, local farms and so much more.

Scholarships and financial aid are available.   

For more information regarding programs offered,
contact: Katie Roberts, Program Operations Director,
Additional Information
Executive Director: Bernadette Souza        
Address: 224 Brock Avenue, New Bedford MA 02744
Phone Number: 508-954-6586
Email Address: 
Hours of Operation: 
Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm
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