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Mission: To provide opportunities for all children to have to access to sustainable SEL models of self-care and wellness through mindfulness, yoga and creative and therapeutic arts programming.


Metta Rising partners with organizations and businesses in the community to create temporary and ongoing trauma-sensitive SEL and creative arts programming for children in their organization.  We work with your schedule and integrate our model with yours so that every child in your organization has the tools to live a healthy, confident and creative life.  Some organizations work with us for a few months while others stay with us for years to create a solid sustainable model of wellness and self-expression.  Whether it is short-term or long-term programming, a seed is planted with the upmost love and care.  Metta Rising believes that by partnering with organizations we can not just plant seeds of self-care, wellness and confident creative expression for every child, but for our whole community.  

Executive Director: Nicole Winning

Phone number: (540) 216-4807



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