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Good Company New Bedford

We make communication comfortable and open for youth through our very own youth designed, led, and researched yoga methodology.

We have developed a methodology using yoga, conversation, safe space, and inclusivity and combined them into a expandable and retractable model that can be used in and for any general or specific group of young people. The expanded version is where our trained youth enter the workforce as mentors, trainers, data collectors, and teachers of yoga and conversely the importance of our retractable versions is where youth get to be acknowledged and respected as participants and students in our method so they feel the importance of community.. These two versions represent a common ground in which the student and teacher are one in the same, creating a safe and comfortable place for communication. and reflection.


Programs Include: 

Youth Yoga Teacher Training (YYTT) - a 9 month course made up of 200+ hours where GC staff and youth mentors train local youth to both teach and participate in a yoga and communication practice.

Youth Mentorship - an ongoing job for youth that have attended the YYTT and are looking to work at development, class design, teaching, community building, and administration/housekeeping. These youth often take the roll as assistant trainers in the YYTT, as well as ambassadors for our method when taught publicly.

R.E.S.T. Program - R.E.S.T. stands for Reflective & Engaging Social Therapy. A group of youth YYT Trainees, Youth Mentors, and Doctors in psychology and Social Work designed this program to bring our method of practice to combine with mental health awareness, self care and self love. 

Yoga and Art Camp - This program was also designed by our youth mentors and our staff artist to provide a curious and inclusive way to reflect upon and speak to the art of current queer, black, indigenous and progressive artist. The aim of this program is to teach critical thinking skills and creative intuition through a process of restorative yoga and conversation.

Executive Director: Juliet Loranger

Address: 628 Pleasant St, New Bedford, MA 02740

Mailing Address: 92 Laurel St, Fairhaven, MA 02719

Phone Number: 508-858-6786


Email Address:

Hours of Operation: 9-6pm M-F

Scholarships & Financial Aid

are available.

Transportation MAY be available.

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