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Where to find us

1 Johnny Cake Hill 

New Bedford, MA 02740



Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday,

12:00pm-7:00pm (varies by semester)

Executive Director: Tracy Furtado-Chagas
Program Director: Jeff Lambert
Email: information@dreamoutloudnow.org

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To advance the personal and career goals of South Coast residents through innovation, education and mentoring. We primarily do this through our Creative Careers Program, which uses creative writing, graphic design, music, theater and video projects to inspire a healthy individual and a vibrant community. Our center in downtown New Bedford provides a supportive environment for both youth and adults who are pursuing a creative path and/or career.


We are a co-ed organization serving 11-18 year old youth. We offer four 8-week semesters per
year; spring, summer, fall and winter and a summer job program.

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