PAACA - Insight Youth Services

PAACA Insight Youth Services are dedicated to improving the quality of life or young people in the South Coast of MA by promoting healthy living and educational attainment.  We work with youth to strengthen their coping skills, achievement, resources and education to overcome challenges that face them in life.  We do this by meeting them where they are at and designing programs that make them want to do more.    

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Program Offerings

Project Bridge

This is an afterschool program that works to bridge the gap between 5th and 6th grade.  September to December we work with 6th grade students to make sure that they have transitioned to middle school and built relationships with staff and other students in their grade.  January to June we focus our attention on 5th graders preparing to enter middle school and help them lessen their fears of what that will look like.  This program runs Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4:30pm.  Complete application needed to attend.   

Project Language

This is an afterschool program that incorporates different languages, cultures and media to high school students.  Week by week we go over new topics of the languages such as greetings, common phrases and travel.  Alongside learning the language we have open discussions about culture.  We openly learn as a group about differences and similarities in cultures.  In project language, we invite the students to inform and educate us about their cultures as we share our different cultures together.  In conjunction with the the group discussions we have the students contribute to our dedicated project language social media each week.  This program runs at NBHS on Tuesdays from 2:45-4:45pm in the Planetarium.  Complete application needed to attend.  

Project STEAM

This afterschool program offered to 5th graders in designated elementary schools to help them develop a better understanding and appreciation for STEAM.  We run the program from 2:30-4:30pm on Thursday afternoon.  Complete application needed to attend.  

South Coast Youth Courts

This is a referral based diversion program for respondents between the age of 12-18 who have committed misdemeanor/school offenses and are being offered the opportunity to take responsibility for their offense and complete sanctions to reconnect them back to the community in which they offended. These referrals are sent to us from the police, schools and courts.  If students complete this diversion program, they avoid what could be the first stain on their criminal record.  South Coast Youth Courts has subsidiary programs such as: Brighter Futures, Be the Change, Project Yes and Drive Smart.   

Contact Us

Address: 360 Coggeshall Street, New Bedford, MA 02746

Phone: 508-979-1580

Fax: 508-991-6233
Website: or
Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm

Executive Director: Carl J. Alves


Youth Services Director: Terri Belliveau


More Info

All programs are free of charge.

Transportation may be available depending on the program