To work with young people to help strengthen their Coping skills, Achievement, Resources, and Educational attainment to overcome challenges in their lives. We do this by meeting young people where they are at and by designing an individual success plan tailored to their individual needs that includes educational support, mentoring/case management, career planning and other supportive services.

Project Insight Bridge To Success

After-school program helping 6th grade students make the transition to middle school. We are at Normandin Middle School from September to December.

Bridge To Success Elementary

Open to 5th graders of Normandin Feeder schools working to build confidence and excitement for starting middle school in the fall. The schools rotate on a 5-week cycle and applications are available with the principals of the schools.

South Coast Youth Courts

A referral based Juvenile diversion program for respondents age 12-18 who have committed misdemeanor/school offenses and are being offered the opportunity to take responsibility for their offense and complete sanctions to reconnect them back to the community in which they offended, IE Community service, jury duty, afterschool programming. These referrals are sent to be processed by us from the police, schools and courts.

Project YES!

A 5-session prevention program designed to cover various health issues the middle and high schools students face.  The program features interactive learning and gift certificate incentives for successful completion. 

INSIGHT Educational Services

Provides out-of-school young people looking to get their high school equivalency (HISET) in a non-traditional setting with one-on-one support and guidance.  The program offers access to employment and training opportunities.  

Address: 360 Coggeshall Street, New Bedford, MA 02746

Phone: 508-979-1580
Hours of Operation:: Monday through Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm

Executive Director: Carl J. Alves


All programs are free of charge.

Transportation is available depending on the program

The GNBYA is a project of the

Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts.

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